Ph.D. courses at Communication Systems

Course Contact HP Date
Advanced Topics in Detection and Estimation Theory E. G. Larsson 7 February-August 2023
Multirate Digital Signal Processing H. Johansson   November 2022
Ph.D. extension of TSKS14 Massive MIMO E. G. Larsson   March-August 2022
Classical MIMO Communications     March 2020
Advanced Topics in Detection and Estimation Theory     November 2017
Multiuser MIMO and Spatial Resource Allocation     February 2017
Fundamentals of Massive MIMO     January 2016
Random Matrix Theory with Applications     September 2015
Fundamentals of Wireless Communication     2014
Convex Optimization for Signal Processing and Communications     January 2013
Information Theory for Wireless Communication     2012
Advanced Topics in Estimation and Detection Theory     2011
Software Defined Radio - Introductory Lab Course     2011
Detection and Estimation Theory     2010
Game theory     VT 2009
MIMO Fundamentals and Signal Processing, short course     HT 2009
Detection and Estimation Theory     VT 2008
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications     HT 2008

There are also other PhD courses at ISY.