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TSKS04 Digital Communication Continuation Course

Lectures Spring 2016

Here you primarily will find slides from the lectures. Those slides will be added here as the lectures go by.

  • Lecture 1
    Introduction, course plan, PSD of digital modulation.
    Lecture notes: PDF[1907k].
  • Lecture 2
    Complex baseband representation and bandwidth.
    Lecture notes: PDF[1596k].
  • Lecture 3
    Introduction to estimation
    Lecture notes: PDF[872k].
  • Lecture 4
    Channel estimation and complex randomness
    Lecture notes: PDF[901k].
  • Lecture 5
    Hypothesis testing, estimation of delay, phase-shift and amplitude.
    Lecture notes: PDF[546k].
  • Lecture 6
    Non-coherent detection. ML detection of sequences.
    Lecture notes: PDF[558k].
  • Lecture 7
    Channel equalization. ML sequence estimation. The Viterbi algorithm.
    Lecture notes: PDF[519k].
  • Lecture 8
    Linear equalization.
    Lecture notes: PDF[612k].
  • Lecture 9
    Linear equalization. Channel codes. Block and convolutional codes.
    Binary convolution, the D-transform, periodic sequences, delay-less inverse of a sequence.
    Lecture notes: PDF[916k].
  • Lecture 10
    Convolutional Codes: Encoding and decoding
    Delay-less inverse of a convolutional encoder. Catastrophic encoders. State diagrams, trellises, and the free distance. Decoding using the Viterbi algorithm.
    Lecture notes: PDF[802k].
  • Lecture 11
    Decoding of convolutional codes.
    Path-weight enumerators and their relation to code structure.
    Error probabilities.
    Lecture notes: PDF[1954k].

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