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TSKS01 Digital kommunikation

Further material

Background material

If you feel that you lack some prerequisites of the course, you could for instance take a look in some of the books listed below. These are books that are used, or could be used, in corresponding courses. You might find some of these books at Library of Linköping University.
  • Calculus:
    • Robert A Adams: Calculus - A Complete Course, Addison Wesley.
  • Linear algebra:
    • Edwards & Penney: Elementary Linear Algebra, Prentice Hall.
    • Howard Anton: Elementary Linear Algebra, Wiley.
  • Probability:
    • Ross: Introduction to Probability Models, Academic Press.
    • Hines: Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Management Science, Wiley, 1980.
  • Linear systems:
    • Ziemer, Tranter & Fannin: Signals and Systems: Continuous and Discrete, Macmillan, 1993.
  • Baseband representation of passband signals:
    • Madhow: Fundamentals of Digital Communication, Cambridge, 2008.
    • Larsson: Signals, Information and Communication, LiU, 2016.

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