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TSKS01 Digital kommunikation

Lectures autumn 2011

This is where you can find slides from the lectures. The slides are added here as the lectures have been given.

If I do not manage to make the slides available before a lecture, you may be interested in the corresponding slides from last year.

  • Lecture 1
    Introduction, repetition Signals and Systems, cable channels and optical channels.
    Slides: PDF[2872k].
  • Lecture 2
    Repetition stochastic variables. Introduction stochastic processes.
    Slides: PDF[2976k].
  • Lecture 3
    Stochastic processes.
    Slides: PDF[4650k].
  • Lecture 4
    Complex baseband representation of passband signals.
    No slides this time.
  • Lecture 5
    Software Defined Radio. GNU radio, USRP, Python.
    Slides: PDF[5301k].
  • Lecture 6
    Channel models. Thermal noise, radio channels.
    These are the slide that I intended to show. Slides 7 and 8 are missing. They refused to be transformed into PDF.
    Slides: PDF[1948k].
  • Lecture 7
    Digital modulation: The vector model.
    Slides: PDF[2306k].
  • Lecture 8
    Digital modulation: Detection.
    Slides: PDF[3188k].
  • Lecture 9
    Digital modulation: Standard constellations.
    Slides: PDF[2538k].
  • Lecture 10
    Channel coding.
    Slides: PDF[2253k].
  • Lecture 11
    Channel coding.
    Slides: PDF[2586k].
  • Lecture 12
    CRC codes and source coding. Including two slides that I did not have time to show at the lecture.
    Slides: PDF[2744k].

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