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TSKS01 Digital kommunikation

Course program autumn 2011


Please observe that the following schedule should be interpreted as an indication about approximately when different topics are treated.

Lecture n:o Chapter Main topic Part
1 1 Introduction Course plan, applications, prerequisites.
--- Repetition Signals and systems, primarily Fourier transforms.
4.2 Channel models Cable channels
4.4 Channel models Optical channels.
2 --- Repetition Probability theory.
3.1-3.3 Random signals Introduction to stochastic processes.
3 3.4-3.7 Random signals Filtering and sampling.
4 4.1 Channel models Thermal noise.
4.3 Radio channels.
5 --- Lab preparation Introduction to software-defined radio in general, and GNU Radio specifically.
6 2 Representation Complex baseband representation of deterministic passband signals.
7 5 Digital modulation The vector model. Vector spaces, geometrical interpretation of signals, representation of white Gaussian noise, orthogonalization.
8 6 Digital modulation Detection of signals disturbed by white gaussian noise. Correlation receivers, matched filter receivers. ML-detection, MAP-detection. Union bound, nearest-neighbour approximation.
9 7 Digital modulation Modulation. Symbol error probability - bit error probability. Digital modulation techniques, On-off-keying, PSK, FSK, QAM, OFDM.
10-11 8 Channel Coding Error correcting codes, dimension, redundancy, rate. Linear codes, repetition codes, Hamming codes, product codes. Possibly cyclic codes and CRC codes.
12 9 Source Coding Sources without memory - sources with memory, Markov sources. Tree codes, Krafts inequality, Huffman codes, run length coding, arithmetic coding.

My recommendation is that you read the corresponding part of the course material through once before each lecture. If not, the lecture may not be as useful to you as you might wish.

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