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TSRT04 Introduction in Matlab

Emil Björnson
Emil Björnson

Course Director

MATLAB is a software for scientific computations that is used internationally by many engineers. The course intends to give a basic knowledge of MATLAB and practical experience of working with the software. Particular focus is put on the ability to perform basic computations and simulations, as well as visualising simulation results. The course can both be seen as a preparation to a large number of university courses where Matlab is used, and as a possibility to learn a powerful engineering software. Basic knowledge in MATLAB is very useful for engineering students, since it is expected in many courses.

This course contains:

  • Introduction to MATLAB and interactive computations.
  • MATLAB syntax and review of common built-in MATLAB functions.
  • Programming in MATLAB using m-files: scripts and functions.
  • Simple linear algebra and calculus in MATLAB.
  • Visualization of data and computational results.
  • Practicing on problem solving by dividing a project into smaller pieces that can easily be tested and validated.

Course information VT2 2020

An online version of the course is given this study period. Microsoft Teams is used for communication between teachers and students. The course room in Lisam is used for selecting groups and submitting material. If you don't have access to Teams or Lisam, please contact the course director: Emil Björnson.

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