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This page is part of the course information of a discontinued course. It is kept for historical reasons only.
Starting autumn 2009, this course is replaced by TSKS01 Digital Communication.

TSDT45 Telecommunication

Mikael Olofsson
Mikael Olofsson

Course Director

TSDT45 Telecommunication is a prerequisite course for following telecommunication related courses (e.g. Data compression, Image and audio coding, Data transmission, Radio communication, Information networks and Error Correcting Codes). The course is supposed to be both a preparation course for the following courses above, and an introduction course for those who only wish to be aquainted with the telecom area.

Note that one of the prerequisite courses, TSDT14 Signal Theory, is given partly in parallel to this course. This is deliberate, and it is supposed to be possible to take both courses like that. The parts of TSDT14 that are needed here will be covered there before they are used here.


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