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All-Digital Channelizers and Aggregators for Multi-Standard Video Distribution



Multi-standard video distribution in broadband cable networks benefits from flexible signal channelization and aggregation to handle standard-dependent subband widths (typically 6, 7, and 8 MHz), subsampling rates, and adjacent-channel attenuation requirements. In principle, this problem can be solved straightforwardly via a properly designed set of digital filters and sampling rate converters, but this solution has a very high computational complexity. It can also be (partly) solved in the analog domain but with a resulting performance degradation.

Problem statement

This thesis work amounts to investigating and developing design methods for new promising all-digital flexible solutions targeting orders-of-magnitude reductions in the computational complexity as compared with the straightforward alternative. The solutions rely on oversampled complex-modulated filter banks and are inspired by recent results in the area of flexible frequency-band reallocation networks used in satellite communication and cognitive radio.


A strong background in digital signal processing and good programming skills in MATLAB.


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