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Master Thesis in Communication Systems

The division of Communication Systems offers master thesis topics within the broad area of communication theory, with special focus on wireless systems. The general scope of topics includes:

  • Mobile telephony systems
  • Wireless computer networks (WLAN)
  • GPS
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Encrypted and robust communication systems
  • Data storage
  • Internet communication
  • Optical communication networks
  • Digital Radio and TV
  • RFID - Smart labels
  • Communication over data buses
  • Satellite and Deep Space communication
  • Radio Astronomy
The division of Communication Systems offers master thesis projects to be performed either in the department (internal), or in industry (external). The requirements for internal and external master theses are the same. For internal projects, the student works in the department and has a supervisor and an examiner there. For external projects, the student works in a company, and has a supervisor in the company and both supervisor and examiner in the university. The thesis report is published both electronically and in print (we print max 7 copies). For more information about available internal and external master thesis projects, please contact . .

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