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Student Information from Communication Systems

MSc Level Courses

The following is a list of our advanced level (M.Sc., 4th-5th year of Swedish civilingenjör) given by the division. For courses at basic level (B.Sc., 1st-3rd year of Swedish civilingenjör), see the menu to the left.

Course code and name Course director Level Period
TSDT14 Signal Theory Mikael Olofsson A HT1
TSIN01 Information Networks Zheng Chen A HT1
TSKS01 Digital Communication Zheng Chen A HT1-2
TSKS12 Modern Channel Coding, Inference and Learning Danyo Danev A HT1
TSKS13 Wireless Communications Danyo Danev A VT1
TSKS14 Multiple Antenna Communications Emil Björnson A VT2
TSKS15 Detection and Estimation of Signals Erik G. Larsson A HT1
TSKS16 Signal Processing for Communications Mikael Olofsson A VT2
TSKS23 Signal Processing, Communication and Networking CDIO Danyo Danev A HT1-2
TSKS33 Complex networks and big data Danyo Danev A HT2
TSTE06 Digital filters Håkan Johansson A VT2
TSTE14 Analog filters Håkan Johansson A VT1
These courses are normally given in English.

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